The Staffordshire Youth Commission was estabished in 2016 with funding from the Staffordshire Commissioner. The project aimed to provide a platform for young people to have their voices heard on issues that matter to them.

Our Mission…

The Staffordshire Youth Commission researches, engages and educates young people around their priorities to influence social action.

What We Do…

The Staffordshire Youth Commission meet, talk to and survey young people around topics such as mental health, youth violence and substance misuse. They also design free educational sessions around a wide variety of important topics, which include information about local support services and statistics, as well as a good general knowledge of the topic.

The project’s volunteers are always identifying new and innovative ways of engaging with young people, and often target known awareness periods with impactful campaigns to support their research and education.

Using their research findings, the Staffordshire Youth Commission publish quarterly reports and an annual report which offer advice and suggest recommendations to partners and the wider community to help bring about meaningful social action and change. They also use their findings to inform the creation and delivery of their educational sessions, campaigns and surveys.

Our Values…

The project follows a set of core values to ensure that all of its volunteers and the people and organisations who they work with feel safe, respected and valued.

  • Inclusive – We are a friendly and open-minded team where everyone feels comfortable, respected and safe.
  • Transparent – We open and honest so that we can accomplish great things.
  • Approachable – We are non-judgmental by focusing on the potential instead of the past.
  • Empowering – We channel our passion into pushing for positive change and providing a voice for young people.
  • Collaborative – We strive to work as much as we can with our valuable community.
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